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Regulatory Information & Documents
> Subject – Certifications and Datasheets - Kosher
Regarding the Kosher certification of empty gelatin capsules the following applies:
All Capsugel capsules (empty gelatin capsules, Vcaps®, Vcaps® Plus, DRcapsTM and PlantcapsTM)
are Kosher certified by the “Ko” organisation, including Standard gelatin and porcine gelatin and this
based on the following:
Empty gelatin capsule of bovine and/or porcine gelatin are Kosher certified by the Ko Kosher, despite
of the possible presence of porcine gelatin, based on the following:
According to Rabbi Novoseller of Ko Kosher, gelatin is not a food. At one time during its processing,
when the bones and hides of animals are treated with acid during the gelatin extraction process,
gelatin was not considered food. According to Jewish dietary laws, "If something is at a certain point
“not a food”, it cannot be non-kosher." Therefore, according to Rabbi Novoseller, gelatin is kosher,
regardless of animal species and slaughter method.
For the colorant Carmine (E120), which is derived from insects, this is however not the case. As such
empty capsules containing carmine either as a colorant of the empty capsules or of the imprinting ink
are not Ko kosher certified.
For further information, please consult your customer service representative.
The information contained herein is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is
accessible and may contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure.
It is current at the date of printing or downloading this document.
It is Capsugel’s policy to provide as much information as possible on our products. As Capsugel
cannot anticipate the variety of markets to which products are directed, we recommend that you
consult with your internal Regulatory Affairs to assess the applicability of the information provided.
Last updated
March, 2015

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